About Us


Steel Manufacturing Resources Pty Ltd was incorporated in Victoria, Australia in February 2004.

The company was formed to take over the ongoing operations of Schlatter Australia Pty Ltd to enable continuity of service to existing clients in Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific and
South East Asia when H.A. Schlatter AG rationalised its worldwide operations.

Rationalisation of these operations enables Steel Manufacturing Resources Pty Ltd to represent several suppliers. The primary focus of the company is sales of and consultancy on imported resistance welding equipment, accessories and spare parts, rebar processing equipment and wire rolling/drawing equipment.

Companies represented include: H.A. Schlatter AG; Schnell Group; Teurema SL; Schmelzmetall GMBH; Eurolls s.r.l.. Steel Manufacturing Resources Pty Ltd is committed to continuing to service the needs of customers in a professional and efficient manner.